Hello Shredders! Welcome to our Insta 10k Boost Giveaway!

It is getting close to us having 10k followers on instagram and we are just too impatient to wait. We want that little “k” as soon as possible. So we thought a shameless giveaway will give us a boost and have some boards to sweeten the deal. We have one board for the lady shredders and one for the dudes!!

For the ladies………

2018 Burton Talent Scout – 141

Bad-ass with a touch of sass in an action-packed board that’ll have you falling in love with camber all over again.

The Burton Talent Scout is on a mission to track down the best of park progression. A step up in pro-driven attitude from the Deja Vu, its camber profile gives riders the power, control, and finesse to thrive on all terrain. Designed to fit like a glove, the Talent Scout’s Off-Axis design aligns the Squeezebox core profiling and Frostbite Edges with the typical park rider’s stance, unlocking the board’s natural flex and edge hold for buttery smooth control.

We have the 2018 Burton Talent Scout for sale HERE.

Burton Talent Scout image

For the dudes……….

2018 Rome Buckshot 151

The Buckshot was a “Good Wood” winner for 2017. They haven’t tinkered with the design too much for this year’s model. Reviewers of last year’s board said that although the Buckshot is part of Rome’s park collection, it really lends itself to all mountain riding. With its traditional camber profile and mellow sidecut it is going to carve a larger turning arc. That’s not to say that the Buckshot won’t do everything and more that you need from it in the park. It just means you’ll have more fun on the way there.

Rome Buckshot image

Here’s our review on the Buckshot – wow – it was our actual first ever tech review from nine months ago and this prize is the board in the video.

And we have it for sale HERE in our store if you want your own and can’t wait to win!


That’s enough from me – good luck and may you all go forth and shred!!

The Race to Insta 10k Giveaway

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