The crazy thing about the young talent coming up through the ranks now is that they are no longer “just awsome groms” anymore. These kids are nailing tricks at a pro level before they finish school, they are winning open comps and pushing for Olympic selection.

Forget learning to drive, studying for the maths test and getting fake IDs. These young snowboarders are dedicated athletes, learning to fly off the biggest jumps and studying for that extra flip.

Warning, watching these shredlings can get a little dis-heartening. They’re so good you will want to re-evaluate your delusional dream of “Going pro one day”…the future is bright.

The nominees are;

Valentino Guseli

Judd Henkes – Unbound Hot Laps Pre-Season 2016 ,

Jack Coyne – 2017

Eli Buchard – 9 years old

Tess Cody – Austria 2016

Some more very talented young bloods to look out for include;
Mitsuki Ono – winner of the Burton U.S open Jr Jam 2017.
Japanese superstar of the future (guaranteed!) Takeru Otsuka.
Staunch kiwi ripper Zoi Synnott.
Rail reapers Justin Phipps and Luke Zajac,
and boss at 12 Benni Fridbjornsson and his partner in crime Ian “Loud Mouth” Matteoli.

!!! WINNER !!!


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