As snowboarding contests keep evolving, with new tricks each year to amaze us, it’s still an individual riders video part that remains the benchmark by which they are measured. The commitment to filming enough footage in this internet age of instant gratification is commendable enough. For each part we’ve looked at the level of riding, variety of tricks and terrain, technical difficulty and most of all the overall feel that you come away with.

These are the top nominees…

Halldor Helgason – Dayumm!

Frank Bourgeois –
Brothers Factory 4

Jesse Paul – Real Snow, X Games 2017

Torstein Horgmo – Stronger, The Union Team Movie

Bode Merrill – Reckless Abandon

Obviously not everyone could be nominated and in a standout year for men’s snowboarding we’d like to give an honorable mention to…
Kazu Kokubo for his powerful riding in Stronger.
Eric Jackson for his epic lines in his X Games Real Backcountry part.
Louif Paradis for his insane jib part in Resolution – A Snowboarding Movie.
Austen Sweetin for his charging street and backcountry part in After Forever by Absinthe and,
Max Parrot for his short bit All Before Breakfast that made us a smile.

!!! WINNER !!!


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★ Best Crew/Web series ★
★ Best Women’s Part ★
★ Best Women’s Trick ★
★ Best Men’s Trick ★
★ Best Bail ★
★ Best Grom (U16) ★
★ Best Rookie Part ★
★ Best Production ★