Ok, so you’re a pro snowboarder and you’ve brought out a dope video, but what sets it apart? What are people going to remember? This is the search for the best stand alone trick.

The most gnarly, gravity defying, mind blowing stomp,

and the nominees are…

Max Parrot – World’s First Double Backside Rodeo 1440

Jesse Paul – 360’ Natas Spin to kinked 50/50, X Games Real Snow 2017


Bode Merrill – One Foot Double Backflip, Reckless Abandon


Sebbe De Buck – Huge Laid Out Double Back, Suzuki Nine Knights 2017


Frank Bourgeois – BackSide Rodeo 5′ over bridge gap to Front Board, X Games Real Snow 2017

Honourable mentions go to;
Scott Stevens for his one foot / no foot / skateboard n flip tricks in Stronger (his parts always blow minds).
Halldor Helgason whose entire Dayumm part was unbelievable steez and any trick was worth a nomination.
Kazu Kokubo’s hammer 900 tailgrab from Stronger.
Louif Paradis who has the best pretzel jibs in the game in Resolution,
and Mikkel Bang for his amazing tree bonks in the Japanese forests on The Fourth Phase.

!!! WINNER !!!

Max Parrot – World’s First Double Backside Rodeo 1440

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