If you look at the snowboarding movie as a creative endeavour then you start to realise the massive scope of these diverse projects. The films listed here are more than just a camera pointed at a snowboarder with the proviso “do something good”. They are glorious cinematographic journeys of courage, skill, passion and snowboarding.

Across the globe, epic locations provide once in a life time lines. Huge rosters of transcendent riders fly down slopes, hand rails and through the air. All filmed by an army of cameras, helicopters and drones.

The final outcome, how you perceive it, the story told – this is the production of the snowboard movie of today;

The Fourth Phase


The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding

Vacation Forever – BYND x MDLS

Glue by Christian Haller

Honorable mentions to;
Stronger – The Union Binding Team Movie – Long awaited movie from the Union team, Shot entirely with RED cameras in 4K and above.
FullMoon – Runaway Films – 2 years in the making, features a legendary crew of ladies taking on some big mountain descents and all time lines.
Cretins Des Alpes / Happy Go Lucky – Follow four happy go lucky french snowboarders from their local alpine backcountry to the Mt Baker Banked Slalom event.

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