A rookie in most sports is a person in their first year of the competition or league, easy? But how do you define a rookie in snowboarding? It’s definitely not their first year riding, or what’s the point? With young talented snowboarders getting plucked from obscurity by sponsors at the age of seven, when does a rookie season begin? It’s a grey area…open to interpretation.

We define a riders rookie year as their breakout season. A season that has made people sit up and pay attention, through both competition results, and more importantly for this exercise, stand out video parts. They are no longer considered “the future of snowboarding”, they’ve officially blown up, they’re “the now”, they have arrived.

The nominees are;

Jesse Paul – Full Part – Reckless Abandon, a film by Bode Merrill

Klaudia Medlova – Season Edit 2016

Takeru Otsuka – Self Intro 2016

Red Gerard – Insight – Transworld Snow

Hailey Langland – Game of Life

We also looked at Markus Kleveland, Julia Marino and Laurie Blouin but the consensus was that they’ve been too good for too long now.

Special shout outs to Marjorie Couturier of the infamous Too Hard crew for putting together a fearless rail edit and Severin Van Der Meer whose stand out part in Absinthe Films After Forever blind-sided us, hammer!

Also Jackie Lammert for her work in Flanel Lifestyle’s “When it Happens”.

!!! WINNER !!!


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★ Best Crew/Web series ★
★ Best Women’s Part ★
★ Best Men’s Part ★
★ Best Women’s Trick ★
★ Best Men’s Trick ★
★ Best Bail ★
★ Best Grom (U16) ★
★ Best Production ★