The internet is rotting our brains.

With the insane popularity of social medias – Insta, Facebook, and free video – You Tube, Vimeo, the average adult attention span has dropped to around 8 seconds. That’s less than a goldfish at an amazing 9 seconds…yep?! Instant gratification is the new standard.

So what does this mean to snowboarding?

Step up the webisode. These short shredding episodes are little nuggets of entertainment gold. Usually put together by a “crew” of ragtag pro boarders and comedians, a web series gives the Joe average, brainless snowboard loving hoard an insight into the crazy life of a full time snowboarder. It gives meaning to their otherwise bland, boring snow-less lives. Wait, is that the teaser for the new ManBoys…gotta go.

The nominees for best Web Series / Crew are;


Rusty Toothbrush

Odd Folks



!!! WINNER !!!


Shout outs – Of course the Helgasons, for Braindomness and all the amazing weekly vlog posts.
Put it in a Bowl, Canadian Crew doin work.
The ManBoys crew who have been working hard on their upcoming web series “Something” after the success of the ManBoys movie last year.
HWCLS stands for “how cool is”, crew from Italy with great style.

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See the other winners and nominees in all the categories below:

★ Best Movie ★
★ Best Women’s Part ★
★ Best Men’s Part ★
★ Best Women’s Trick ★
★ Best Men’s Trick ★
★ Best Bail ★
★ Best Grom (U16) ★
★ Best Rookie Part ★
★ Best Production ★