Women’s professional snowboarding has been surging forward in leaps and bounds in recent years. With a new group of fresh young talent exploding onto the scene, and the old firm (lead by the Queen of Slopestyle, Jamie Anderson) reluctant to give up the crown, it’s an exciting time for women in snowboarding.

Here are the tricks that have stamped their mark on the skill, technique, style and progression of the sport in the last year.

The nominees for best women’s trick are;

Jess Kimura,
Back Country, One-foot Double Kick Airwalk,
Full Part 2016


Robin Van Gyn,
Cab 540° in the steeps,
Runaway Films – Fullmoon


Jamie Anderson,
Switch Boardslide to 450°,
U.S Open 2017


Julia Marino,
Huge 540° set up to Cab Double Underflip (first in X Games),
X Games Aspen 2017


Anna Gasser,
Backside Double Cork 1080°,
Suzuki Nine Royals 2017

Shout outs to;
The Suzuki Nine Queens for always throwing down the most progressive new tricks.
The Too Hard crew for their fearless rail work and
Mary Rand for her huge double kinks in Rendered Useless.

and special mentions for;
Jamie Anderson as the ambassador of progressive women’s freestyle and freeride,
Anna Gasser who has made the cab double underflip the standed for women’s slopestyle,
and awesome up and comers Julia Marino and Laurie Blouin, the next generation of ladies sending it.

!!! WINNER !!!

Anna Gasser,
Backside Double Cork 1080°,
Suzuki Nine Royals 2017

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