The snowboard binding tool is an oft overlooked but somewhat essential piece of snowboarding kit. Not as glamorous as say, your goggles or beanie, but when you really need one, well… you really need one.

Sure there are board-tech workshops in most resorts, and even random tool benches with screwdrivers available in some. But it’s when you’re charging hard, way out on the furthest ridge, and the hard tree turns and chattering icy carving have worked a screw loose on your back foot’s ankle strap, that you need that tool, and you need it to be good.

Don’t be the best tool, own the best tool…

But which one is the best? You ride hard, and your bindings are rad. You both deserve the best! Plus you need your tool to be fast (or your buddies are going to leave you stranded for pow day), and not fatally stab your femoral thigh artery through your pocket when you come unstuck (“no chance, I never fall”). Luckily have got your back… again. With the Snowboard Tool Challenge we have demystified the seedy, unashamed, underappreciated underbelly of snowboard tool life. Follow Danno as he gets right down to the nitty gritty of it: which one’s the fastest, which one’s the best – Boom!

The best snowboard tool challenge
The best snowboard tool challenge
The contenders are:

  • Dakine Torque Driver Tool
  • Oneball Pocket Screwdriver
  • Bakoda Zackley Driver
  • Burton Bullet Tool
  • Click Carabiner Tool
  • and… the Trusty Ol’ Screwdriver

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