The Capita Defenders of Awesome series has a solid reputation amongst seasoned riders, and for good reason. The board has won the coveted Transworld Good Wood award in all six years of it’s existence. So what goes into the design of the DOA that makes it what can only be described as a modern classic amongst snowboards.

2018 Capita Defenders of Awesome
2018 Capita Defenders of Awesome
  • Type: Freestyle
  • Shape: Twin
  • Profile: Hybrid Camber
  • Sizes: 148, 150, 152, 154, 155W, 156, 158, 158W, 160, 161W
  • Flex: 5.5 (Med – Stiff)
  • Best for: Park, pipe, aggressive all-mountain riding, good one board quiver candidate

The benefit of having your own manufacturing and R&D facility such as the Capita Mothership is that you can modify and tinker with board shapes and layups to produce clever boards that do a range of things well.

New “Superdrive” will have you breaking downhill records

So the DOA features a next-gen hybrid camber design that is mostly camber except for very short flat sections on either side of the feet. This will give you the pop and response of a camber board but with a little more predictability coming from the reverse camber. The rockered sections mean you’ll be less likely to catch an edge and you’ll have a little more surface to press with. And God forbid you find some pow stashes, then the rockered section will add a bit of float to your deep turns as well.

In 2018 the DOA features an all new fiberglass resign configuration with an upgraded Superdrive base material. “Superdrive” is Capitas new, very fast sintered base that will have you breaking resort downhill run records.

Two carbon beams run along the inside from top to tail to provide pop. Pairing it up with a biax fiberglass as opposed to the triax option. This means you’ll get that quick responsive snap but the board will retain a bit of playful flex and torsional manipulation. The lay-up is completed with beechwood sections and Kevlar-reinforced sidewalls to add hulk like strength

The board is also set up with;

  • Blended Radial Sidecut – blending a single radius arc through the midsection with a custom zone at the contact points, tailored for specific riding aspecs
  • Flat Kick Technology – called WAH-POW!, this tech blends the shoulders of the board into the tip and tail height of the reverse camber creating flat sections for more stable jibs, buttering and powder float contol
  • Multitech™ Sublimation + Die-cut Base – Makes it look dope
  • Multitech™ Level 6 DeepSpace™ Silkscreen – Layers on layers of ink, Inception like, makes it look really dope

Sexy punks out – Floaty maidens in

For the graphics this year, Capita have gone away from the always popular, scary bondage punk look. Instead, they have come back with a trippy mix of geometric triangular patterns over floaty, mysterious silhouettes of women posed in flowing robes. It has an almost alien, sci-fi vibe and personally I think it works really well.

This is a board for every rider to enjoy. Even more so if you already have a good understanding of freestyle moves and know your way around the park. This board is well balanced between power and playfulness. It’s got just enough of everything to help slay the whole mountain with confidence. Carves from the camber, pow float from the reverse. Powerful pop from the carbon and kevlar with just enough forgiving flex that you wont be punished for over shots. This is Capita’s flagship, true all-mountain deck.

Our Reviewer Said…

Jack, our English assassin in the park (and the guy in the video), rode the 154 DOA in the Perisher Park on a nice day with average, icy to good snow conditions. This is what he had to say:

Flex – “Not Megga-Flex, but capable, still a nice playful board to take all-mountain”
Turning – “Very responsive, great carving board (5/5), holds well at speed (4/5), little chatter on the choppy groomers for dampening (3/5).”
Rails – “OK, not too responsive (3/5), and switch was fine (3/5).”
Jump – “Good amount of pop (4/5).”
Overall – “Good solid board, more prefered it on the piste than the park. Anywhere you want to take this on the mountain, you can just giv’er. She carves really well, even on icy patches. It will stick on a rail, take on big jumps, jib about, carve about… wherever you take this board, it’s gonna do some damage (4.5/5).”

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