Snowfeet seem to be a new snow sport (of sorts) trying to storm the world. It’s basically a hard mini toboggan strap-on for your feet, a hard shell that allows you to skate/ ski down the mountainside without a board. It looks funny but then, I suppose, so did the first person to strap on skis and then the first person to strap on a snowboard.

snowfeet closeup
Snowfeet strapped to normal hiking boots



Snowfeet are a new booming winter sport. Thousands of people already do this sport and the the number is increasing every year. Experts assume it might become an Olympic sport one day. 

Snowfeet image
Snowfeet can be used both on and off the slopes. It is extremely light and small, so it fits to any bag. The size is universal. The recommended shoe sizes are between US 7 – 12. What is more, Snowfeet can take you to places, like small forrest paths, where you wouldn’t get with skis or snowboard. And compared to skis, it is so inexpensive! 
Snowfeet is manufactured in the heart of Europe, in the Czech Republic, where the original invention comes from.


Rumour has it that there was a man who went skiing. However, he had so bad memory, that he left his skis at home. But since he was a very funny guy, he tried skiing down the hill wearing only his slippers. To his surprise it worked pretty well and he enjoyed it even more than skiing. That‘s when he came up with an idea of SNOWFEET.

Snowfeet image


You don’t need to carry any heavy skis, snowboards, ski poles or special ski boots. SNOWFEET are very light and fit to any small bag.

Moreover, SNOWFEET allow you to go to places, where it is difficult to get with skis or snowboard. You can climb the mountain only with a pair of SNOWFEET in your hands and then go down the hill through the forrests and be a part of winter nature. Places like small forest paths, where everything is covered by snow, will make you feel that real beauty of nature.

Snowfeet image


We need to try these babies. At present we can only judge on what we see filled with years of skepticism and old man whining. My biggest issue is that skis or boards keep you from sinking below the snow at times. Skiing between trees and down forrest trails sounds dangerous to me unless you are on skis or a board, they at least keep you from sinking in the small crevices on said trails. These could not be used in powder, they also have a warning on their website:

IT IS more DIFFICULT TO turn or stop with snowfeet than IT IS with skis. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND USING SNOWFEET ON STEEP SLOPES.

That alone limits its use as a more gimmicky type of front valley method of transportation and fun. I can snowfeet in ski boots without my skis. I imagine it’s exactly the same as that but you can wear more comfortable and flexible hiking boots that you strap in. The biggest plus is that they are small so you could easily taken them in your bag with all your other gear and have some fun with them.

One last gripe about them – €200- a pair!! That’s $250USD – a pair – OUCH!!
Have you tried them? What do you think? Yay or Nay?

For more on Snowfeet check them out HERE.

***** All images courtesy of the Snowfeet website *****