Burton Squeeze Box Core Profiles Review for the-house.com on Snowboard Tech Talk.


  • Squeezebox High: Found in the most responsive decks within Burton’s line, ‘Squeezebox High’ gives an aggressive edge to the already agile boards. With carbon fleece laid outside of the bindings areas boards featuring ‘Squeezebox High’ have a quicker snap, more powerful pop, and lighting fast edge to edge transitions. ‘Squeezebox High’ is available in these Burton Snowboard models: Antler, Custom X, Feelgood, Feelgood Flying V
  • Squeezebox: Classic ‘Squeezebox’ is the profile shaped that changed the game. With a perfect blend of thick and thin sections ‘Squeezebox’ gives boards a perfect balance of energy transfer, consistent snap, firm stability in all riding conditions on any terrain. Boards featuring ‘Squeezebox’ are the most well rounded snowboards in Burton’s line. ‘Squeezebox’ is available in these Burton Snowboard models: Flight Attendant, Spliff, Day Trader, Anti-Social, Custom, Custom Flying V, Barracuda, Trick Pony, Process, Process Flying V, Process Off-Axis, Nug, Nug Flying V, Deja Vu Flying V, Lip-Stick, Nugget, Talent Scout
  • Squeezebox Low: With the progressive rider in mind Burton laid out ‘Squeezebox Low’. A more stable lateral foot platform and a consistently smooth flex medially boards featuring ‘Squeezebox Low’ will help reach the next ranks of progression. Jibbers will love this new core profiling shape because of the firmer flexing nose and tail to lock in dominate presses. ‘Squeezebox Low’ is available in these Burton Snowboard models: Pile Driver, Blunt, Clash, Ripcord, Name Dropper, Descendant, Social, Feather, Genie, Socialite
  • Off-Axis Squeezebox: ‘Off-Axis Squeezebox’ anatomically aligns the angles of the thick and thin core profile sections to match the average freestyle rider’s stance angles of +15° and -15°. Providing a natural smooth flex for park riding all boards featuring ‘Off-Axis Squeezebox’ core profiling are asymmetrical and have a set toe-side and heel-side edge. ‘Off-Axis Squeezebox’ is available in these Burton Snowboard models: Custom Flying V Twin, Custom Twin, Process Off-Axis, Talent Scout, Name Dropper


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