Many have been talking about Chris Corning since his performance last year at various contests throughout the season. Most notable were his 5th place finish at the US Open, and a 1st place finish at a world cup event in the Czech Republic.

Chris was on fire last winter so you might think he had a well deserved summer off these last few months. Well that wasn’t exactly the case. In fact, this summer at Mammoth, Chris was working on something new. In being the first American to land a quad-cork he joined a very exclusive group of snowboarders. Videos of his quad at the Mammoth session in mid June proceeded to blow up the internet.

Chris Corning

Chris on his way down the 2017 US Open Course in Vail, CO. Photo: Seth Hill

The Interview

I recently got a chance to get some insight into Chris’ life and the coming Olympic year. Here’s what he had to say:

Hey Chris, why don’t you start by giving us a little background about yourself, what do you like to do outside of snowboarding?
– I love to camp, dirt bike, pit bike, and play volleyball. Those are my off hill activities

What’s your local mountain and why do you love it?
– My local mountains are all of those in Summit County Colorado (Keystone, Breck, Copper…). Each mountain is totally different in their own way and the parks have been really good lately.

What were your goals last winter, and do you think you accomplished them?
– My goal last year was to keep making finals in world cups. I had three contests where I did not do so well, coming off my injury. I think I accomplished my goal later in the year when I switched my mindset going into contests.

What did it feel like when you landed that 1620 at the US Open?
– Landing the 1620 at the US Open was a crazy feeling. I was pulling super hard to get the trick around and I slipped on my grab but I think in the end it helped me get leveled out for a switch landing. I still love to look back at it and play that run through my head.

What goes through your mind when you are learning a new trick?
– Haha, I like this question. Well listening to the right song is crucial for me. I need to get pumped up! Then once I find the song I stand at the top and visualize me landing the trick. Then I drop in probably yelling at myself getting as juiced as I can and then it all goes away and I am just snowboarding again. I fall back onto my fundamentals of snowboarding and try my best to land the trick so I don’t get hurt.

Who do you look up to / who inspires you right now in snowboarding?
– Right now I think Sven Thorgren and Stale Sandbech are the two dudes I love to watch compete. They always are throwing down and just look like they belong on a snowboard.

What does being a part of the Screamin Eagles (the US Snowboard team) mean to you?
– Being a part of the Screamin’ Eagles is awesome. We have a great team and everybody pushes each other to get better. I love being a part of one of the best snowboard teams in the world.

Are you out of your mind or what? I mean seriously 4 corks and NO AIRBAG? Whats up with that?
– Well let’s see, learning a quad was a crazy experience to say the least. I did not try it to the bag. It took me 4 tries and I got it on the 5th. I had a bloody face from over rotating one try and a swollen eye to go along with that. But all in all I think it was worth it and maybe one day I will be able to try it in a contest.

What are your goals THIS winter and how do you hope to accomplish them?
– My goals this winter are pretty simple. That is to make the Olympics. I can accomplish that by doing well in the Olympic qualifiers held here in the states.

Do you think The Quad will play a role in the Olympics this winter?
– If the jump is right and the weather is right I think a quad will be landed in this Olympics. But we will see how the judges like it. Last Olympics they went more to the style side. So we will see. Depends on the panel of judges. I do think you will see one or a few.

What else besides big flips and spins do you think it’s gonna take to stand out in Slopestyle when qualifying for and competing in the 2018 Pyeongchang Games?
– A competitive rail game is going to be key. The rail garden has lots of options and different things to do. Coming up with a line through that is going to be tough yet rewarding if you do it right.

Chris Corning  and Yuki Kadono on the podium at Winter Games NZ 2017
Chris Corning and Yuki Kadono on the podium at Winter Games NZ 2017

Big Air will be making its Olympic debut for the first time in 2018 and you are thinking of competing in this as well. How do you think it will impact the contest scene this year and what does it mean for you personally?
– If I go to the olympics I will go for both slope and BA. But, for the season it just means more contests to do leading up to the olympics.

Any new tricks you’ve been working on that we haven’t seen yet?
– I got some tricks I have been working on in the airbag in Park City, Utah. I am afraid those are just going to have to be kept secret at the moment.

DARN! – cant wait to see what you’re gonna do this year!

Finally is there anything you want to add?
– I want to thank my parents, my coaches and my closest friends and my sponsors: Never Summer, US snowboarding team, Monster Army, G-form, CG habitats, Spy, flux, and Gravitee Boardshop.


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