Red Gerard, current snowboarding IT BOY. Wins the Olympics, Jimmy Kimmel, bizarre hat manufacturer’s hearts, and the world with his epic GOLD medal win in PyeongChang. He has been a feature on regularly with articles HERE, HERE (this was an entire post in appreciation or confusion of his hat) and HERE. Well Red has gone one step further and inspired poetry. After watching Red destroy the competition at PyeongChang David Devine had to write a Red Gerard Poem. He submitted it to and here it is for your enjoyment.


Red Gerard at PyeongChang - Photo Courtesy of Ian MacNicol/Getty Images
Red Gerard at PyeongChang – Photo Courtesy of Ian MacNicol/Getty Images


2/10/18 Red Gerard by David Devine – David is on Facebook HERE.


The One and Only Red Gerard
Learned to fly in his own backyard
On a course his brothers built
Where they would pull him up the hill
And on his snowboard down he’d go
As he flew across the snow
Where he would learn his many tricks
That would take him on his many trips
Across the country he was the best
As he soon rose above the rest
And when he finally got his shot
To take it to the mountain top
He was only seventeen
And about to live his Olympic dream
As he flew across the sea
Surrounded by his family
On that cold crisp winter day
He looked unnerved some would say
As he stood still you know
And looked down the mountain slope below
With his coach with him on the loft
Red crouched his knees and he took off
Upon his snowboard I watched him sail
As he slid across the rails
To the first ramp he did his tricks
With a couple turns and twists
Then he turned all the way around
And down the slope he flew down
To the next ramp he quickly hit
I watched him do that backward flip
And on his feet I saw him land
I thought surely on his can
Now that next ramp would be his final one
As he thought how he’d land that run
As he flew down so cool and swift
Into that brisk breeze he got his lift
Right off the ramp I watched him spin
Around the world and back again
As he turned into the swirling air
That spun him like a swivel chair
And just like he knew it was complete
Landing there right on his feet
And the crowd went crazy like he had won
As if they had crowned their favorite son
And now the rest is history
On the day he got the Gold you see
For the world of sports a shining star
The One and Only Red Gerard!


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