12 People have been left injured after a chairlift malfunction at the Georgian Ski Resort Gudauri caused carnage last week.

According to sources, a lift operator shifted the ski lift into reverse causing the gearing system to overload and break.

The footage above, which is taken from a GoPro camera, shows the extent of the horrific accident. Skiers and Snowboarders can be seen getting thrown from each chair as they reach the lower terminal at high speed in reverse.

Gudauri Ski Lift Accident
Skiers thrown from malfunctioning chairlift at Gudauri Resort

Bystanders can be heard yelling to patrons to jump from the lifts as they try to clear equipment and bodies from the terminal, all the time the malfunctioning ski lift seems to gain speed.

At least two skiers can be seen trapped under a damaged chair at the terminal as more chairs collide and gather on top of it, and the riders.

Unconscious skiers seen laying under damaged chairlifts

Finally as the chairlift brakes are engaged, bystanders rush in to pull the injured skiers to safety, thankfully (and Surprisingly!) no-one was killed and all of the 12 skiers and snowboarders injured are making a full recovery in hospital.

Another angle of the accident caught on film by a bystander.

This video shows skiers leaping from the chairlifts before they impact the terminal.