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Alpinestars – Paragon Elbow Guard (Bicycle) The Alpinestars – Paragon Elbow Guard (bicycle) make bruises, cuts, and sores a thing of the past. This BMX gear and MTB gear provide riders with high quality impact and abrasion protective elbow guard that is ensured to have a secure and comfortable fit. The Alpinestars – Paragon Elbow Guard (Bicycle) is designed with rip-stop reinforcements that use reinforcing techniques when weaving the fabrics together to make it resistant to tearing and ripping. Although the Alpinestars – Paragon Elbow Guards come with durable fabric that increases its longevity, it is an incredibly lightweight material with an astounding ventilation system. Typically of most BMX gear and MTB gear, the Alpinestars – Paragon Elbow Guard (Bicycle) has the breathable mesh that most riders look for to help decrease and wick away sweat buildup. Alpinestars designed The Alpinestars – Paragon Elbow Guard (Bicycle) to be slip on elbow guard with elasticated cuffs which makes putting them on and taking them off easy as possible. Although sometimes the slip on guards are loose fitting and can sag down while you’re riding, Alpinestars produced these elbow guards with a silicone printed inner lining to prevent that from occurring. Alpinestars did a tremendous job in designing process for these guards; they are manufactured with a pre-shaped ergonomic design that makes these guards comfortable to wear even on the most vigorous trails. These remarkable elbow guards are sold as a pair and are CE certified to ensure you are covered and protected around the key areas of your elbow. Let your elbows have a break from taking the impacts of even the smallest tip-overs and pick up a pair of the Alpinestars – Paragon Elbow Guards.

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