Benchmark FR Unisex FR USA Made 3040FR NVY Navy Winter Balaclava


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A hard hat will keep your head safe, but it won’t keep you warm. Since you can’t take your hard hat off at work, wearing a winter hat isn’t an option, at least not if you want to be comfortable. Or compliant with FR requirements. Or comfortably cover the rest of your face. The solution is this Benchmark Flame Resistant 304 NVY Navy Winter Balaclava. This Benchmark balaclava is made of soft FR fleece for maximum comfort and warmth, and it is not bulky. It will fit comfortably under any helmet or hard hat. The soft elastic mask can easily be pulled up to cover your face, or down below your chin, and most importantly, this flame-resistant balaclava will not stretch out. It’s also compliant with Ebt, HRC/ARC Level 2, NFPA 70E, and ASTM F1506 standards. Using a 50% modacrylic, 50% cotton blend of fibers, it is safe to breath through the material and also safe to wear against your skin. This Benchmark Flame Resistant 304 NVY Navy Winter Balaclava is soft, warm, and comfortable, and the face mask will not lose its shape. It’s machine washable, and even made in the USA. So keep your hard hat on, keep warm, and keep flame resistant, all at the same time. This American-Made balaclava makes it possible.Manufactured Sizes: One Size Only

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