Black Stallion Safety Navy WL350 Flame-Resistant Cotton Twill Hood


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Cold temperatures and high winds can send shivers down your spine. You want to protect your head, ears, and neck before you step out into that cold weather. A Black Stallion WL350 Navy Flame-Resistant Cotton Hood will offer the warm protection you need for those cold, dreary winter days.Designed for cold weather, this Black Stallion hood can easily be worn under your helmet for added warmth and protection. The outer shell is made with 100% cotton, constructed in a twill weave. This woven fabric of this FR hood is a basic weave characterized by diagonal lines on the face of the fabric. In addition, the outer shell is flame-resistant to protect you from heat, sparks, and unnecessary burns.Providing greater warmth at less weight, the heavy fleece inner lining of this hood will dry quickly and is very breathable. Warm and soft, fleece has the ability to wick moisture away from your skin to keep you dry. To provide greater warmth, the shoulder flap has an extra long chin cover which can either be tucked into your work coat or worn outside. For your convenience, there are headgear straps to provide a secure fit and heat element pockets on this flame-resistant hood. Now you can slip a heat pack into the pockets to provide the added warmth you desire on those frigid days.Ideal for welders and industrial professionals, this Black Stallion WL350 Flame-Resistant Cotton Twill Navy Hood will keep you warm and help you get your job done safely. Get dependable protection you can count on before heading out to work today.Manufactured Sizes: One Size Only

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