Body protections Dainese Soft Skins Elbow Guard


Soft Skins Elbow Guard

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Protections Body protections Dainese Soft Skins Elbow Guard. Ultra-light and thin soft elbow protection, with protective sandwich made of Pro shape and Crash absorb, approximately 7 mm thick. The protection is integrated in a supporting structure made of soft biaxial elasticated fabric.Features:PERFORMANCE:Performance Shock:- Elbow impact protector Certified according to the standard Performance Main materials:- Pro shape coupled with Crash absorbSpecifications: COMFORT:Comfort Ergonomics:- Supporting system with soft biaxial elasticated fabric- Elbow fastening system with straps and elastic bands- Silicone elastic bandsComfort Temperature:- Perforated Pro-shape- Breathable biaxial elasticated fabric

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