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Super slim to slip under your favourite trail tee, the Airflex Elbow Guard from Leatt nonetheless provides some of the very best MTB protection on the market. It has been 3D moulded to give the best fit yet, the cupped elbow grips are astonishingly durable and the construction of the armour ensures that your joints are covered in their entirety. Sporting silicone printing to maintain positioning when kicking up roost, the Airflex Elbow Guards also use non-slip cuffs and the lightweight feel and 3D design to leave you feeling as good as the pads look. The Leatt Airflex Elbow Guard has been refined following years of experience at the brand’s lab in South Africa. Here Dr. Leatt and his team of engineers and designers conceptualize and test new products and constantly strive to improve existing products even further. The facility features state-of-the-art testing and prototyping equipment that enables the team to take a product from conceptualization, through testing, all the way to pre-production prototypes, and it shows. Finally, the fabric around the armour is wonderfully comfortable, featuring breathability in abundance, anti-odour properties and moisture wicking that keeps you dry, even when things really start to heat up. Leatt really have done it again, and it’s time you found out just how safe you can feel as you’re shredding things up.

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