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Let’s be honest, offroad protection is one of the key aspects when it comes to inspiring confidence on the trail. Leatt has worked tirelessly to create products certain to keep you safe, and the Elbow Guard Contour is no different. It scores an outstanding 14 on the brand’s total protection ranking and it has been CE tested to meet stringent impact protection standards. Already convinced? We still haven’t covered comfort or ventilation yet. When it comes to fitting, the Elbow Guard Contour sits like it isn’t even there. The 3D design offers an optimised fit with specific left and right sides while the impressively low weight of the pad certainly appeals. For those that like a soft feeling, this stylish creation also has soft rubber edges that produce premium protection, feel and comfort. Stay Cool, Stay Cosy If you shred aggressively there is no better pad than the Elbow Guard Contour. It has a silicone printed elbow grip and anti-slip forearm X-strap with silicone bicep lining to keep it in place and the new improved hard shell sliding surface certainly comes to the rescue when coming into contact with foreign objects. In order to prevent sweat, Leatt has definitely set the benchmark. Vented plates welcome maximum airflow while the anti-odour MoistureCool and Airmesh wicking fabrics wrestle the body effortlessly to eliminate perspiration. If that wasn’t enough, the hard shell and 3DF AirFit ventilated soft impact foam also boosts confidence with an outstanding ability to keep the joint safe 24/7.

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