Outwell Dual Protector Rockwell 3


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The Outwell Dual Protector Rockwell 3 is a multifunctional tarp that protects your tent for bird mess and other dirt while offering the option of an additional side canopy to extent the sheltered living area of the Rockwell 3. Silver coated on one side, the Dual Protector also helps to keep your Rockwell 3 Tent cool when positioned silver side out. Features Protecting the tents from heat by shading the roof and allowing air to flow below the Protector Protecting the roof from bird droppings, liquids dropping from trees, UV rays, rain etc. Silver side out reflects the sun for a cooler tent Black side out warms up the tent in cooler weather and darkens tent interior for longer sleep Can be used alongside a front awning or -extension UPF 50+ UV Protection Zip-off, roll-away side extension poles out to create sun porch over tent side door Specifications Type of tent: Roof Protector Flysheet: Outtexยฎ 3000 Silver Coated, UPF 50+ (100% polyester taffeta) with taped seams Pitching way: In one Poles not included

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