First thing I noticed when I went to Swedish resort Tärnaby a few years back, was this kakemono featuring Hampus Mosesson’s face. I knew instantly I was going to love this place. In the mid 2000’s, the stylish Swedish rider and his friends blew my mind with Robotfood’s Afterlame – still one of my favourite videos to these days. But let’s get back to Hemavan-Tärnaby. They are actually two resorts, 18 kilometres apart from each other. 900 kilometres north of Stockholm, this is not the easiest place to reach, but its legit snowpark and breath-taking scenery make the ride worth it.

  • Access: A 13-hour drive by bus from Stockholm through scenic “Blue Highway”. The plane will get you there for 130 Euros in a bit more than two hours
  • Season: As soon as possible (early-mid November) to end of April
  • Number of lifts: Hemavan: 10. Tärnaby: 5
  • Park facilities: 2 snowparks. One in Hemavan, one in Tärnaby. Rails for all levels and some nice kickers
  • Top features: Open till 7pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Swedish style kickers: they look short but send you high in the air, with maximum security. Stretching on 1.3 kilometres, it’s Northern Sweden’s longest snowpark
  • Events: Bjork Rail Jam in April
Anton Olofsson in the Hemavan Park
Anton Olofsson in the Hemavan Park – P: Patrik Löfgren

Traveling far north is always a one of a kind experience. Everywhere you look is amazing. Frozen lakes, birch forests, maybe a moose or two, you get the picture. So add snowboarding to the mix and you’re in for perfect vacation. And despite the odds, Hemavan and Tärnaby are pretty legit resorts.

Sure, out of the 30 slopes in Hemavan, 12 are “green” and 7 are blue: not exactly a racer’s paradise?? But for shredding and freestyling, it’s heaven. Just cruise slowly between the trees, enjoy sights that are nowhere near what you could find in the Alps. Experience what it feels like to live so close to the Arctic Circle.

Shoot for the moon

What may strike you once on top of the park is how big the kickers look compared to the flat. But don’t worry, the Swedish shapers know exactly what they’re doing.

Their jumps will send you higher than expected, but you’ll make the smoothest trajectory and land just fine. Actually, you may even get hooked on those kind of jumps and the ones you’ll find elsewhere might make you feel like a cannonball.

Have fun away from the park

If you ever get bored of taking laps in the park, Hemavan-Tärnaby also offers one of Sweden’s best freeride terrains, just a few minutes from the slopes. From February to the end of May, the most seasoned freeriders can even indulge in some heliski on one of the ten summits around the resorts. And if you want to stash your board away for a while, go for some winter fishing or venture and look for northern lights. Hemavan-Tärnaby is the perfect place to get a first glance of life in the North, and is sure to make for good memories, on and off your board.

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