Imagine that you have seven days to yourself, a bit of spare cash and an itching to hit some fresh powder. The only problem is that all your mates are working, you hate travelling with your family and your Ex broke up with you recently (they never could snowboard anyway). Fear not! There are still plenty of options for the single snowboarder, whether you’re looking for love, are searching for the best places to party in the snowfields or simply want to escape the world into some fresh powder.

There are a few ways to approach your next single snowboarding holiday, checking out the internet is a good start as there are many websites which offer tours and package deals. While this is convenient and usually financially all inclusive, these tours can often have a cookie cutter type feel and lack the unique experience you may be seeking. Alternatively you can take control of your own holiday and plan it yourself, which can seem daunting so we’ve provided a short guide to point you in the right direction.



snow crossed lovers
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So what makes a good singles resort? You’ll probably want to stick to the larger resorts that operate out of or near to busy towns. Smaller places don’t really offer a large cross section of people to interact with and tend to cater to couples and families, which the single snowboarder will wanting to avoid at all costs. With larger resorts there are also better accommodation options for the sole traveller, with venues that are more likely to offer single rooms or supplement free pricing.

Whether you’re looking to meet someone to share the fireside with or just want to party, a resorts choice of water holes can sometimes make or break your vacation

Another important factor not to be overlooked is night-life, whether you’re looking to meet someone to share the fireside with or just want to party, a resorts choice of water holes can sometimes make or break your vacation. Here is a list of a few places where the single traveller can enjoy good food and drink alongside other like minded individuals, you may even find the time to fit in some snowboarding.



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Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, or simply Chamonix, is a commune in the south east of France. Known as one of the oldest resorts in Europe it is located in the French Alps on the border of Switzerland and Italy. Chamonix cemented its prominence in 1924 by hosting the first winter Olympics, and since then it has only grown larger and more vibrant. A favourite of many a single holidaymaker, the resort boasts hundreds of restaurants that offer cuisine from around the world, and many local watering holes that range from upscale wine bars through to raucous pubs. With five mountains to choose from and plenty of supplement free accommodation, Chamonix promises the single traveller many opportunities on and off the slopes. Check out Cold Fusion Chalets a group who organise chalet accommodation for the solo snowboarder/skier who are interested in meeting like minded individuals.



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Those in the know universally agree that St Anton offers the best terrain in Austria. While the region contains around 300km worth of piste runs, where it really shines is the multitudes of marked off piste runs, making St Anton a must for freestyle boarding. The runs are not for beginners however, it is recommended that your proficiency is at least intermediate level as decent beginner areas are in short supply and are mainly accessed by black or blue runs. For the social aspect St Anton has a wide variety of bars both on and off the slopes. On the mountain you could rub shoulders with world champions at the Krazy Kanguruh or dance the cold nights away at the world famous Mooserwirt. Off the mountain St Anton boasts a world class village and all the accoutrements that come with it, Treat yourself at a stay at the award winning Himmlhof hotel, or if you crave simpler digs, the Chalethotel Schweizerhof offers cheap, quaint single rooms.

Hit it off and you could be riding down the slopes with your new sweet thang

Down in the Southern Hemisphere, Queenstown is widely regarded as the premier snow sports destination of New Zealand. It boasts four ski areas and near endless amounts of terrain on or off piste. There is plenty to enjoy after a day on the mountain, from indulgent spas to bustling bars, cheap and cheerful to world class fine dining. The area is full of single skiers and snowboarders looking for a good time. Every September the Coronet Peak ski fields host their annual Bro-mance, which is an event in which singles are paired off at the bottom of the mountain and then proceed to speed date for the duration of the lift to the summit. Hit it off and you could be riding down the slopes with your new sweet thang, strikeout and at least you got a glass of free champagne.



Queenstown Snow Bunnies
Queenstown Snow Bunnies…oh yeah! –

In a similar vein the Keystone resort in Colorado hosts gondola speed dating every Valentine’s Day. While gimmicky and somewhat nauseating, the event has garnered popularity over the years. Culminating in the prodigious ‘Love on the Lift’ apres party at the 9280 Tap-house, the event could lead to romance or at the very least one hell of a party. The resort itself offers three mountains to ski off, making it the largest resort in the area. It also has the longest opening hours 8:00am to 8:30pm, meaning you can stay out longer and later. More time to “accidentally” collide with that cutie you caught the chair lift up with…
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