It’s FRIFLIX time! Our second week sees eight new wicked edits and vidz. Prepare yourself for more Marcus Kleveland as his Red Bull Round of Worship Videos goes to Episode 3. Then we have the new teaser from Vans’ FIRST LAYER, GLOBAL WARNING from the Labyrinth Crew, André Rober Beriau presents his Skate and Snow full edit BLOOD BROTHERS and Rome Snowboards presents their trailer for upcoming AUTUMN WIND. If that’s not good enough, Nitro drops their 28 WINTERS trailer, Absinthe Films partners with LAAX for a ABSINTHE X LAAX MINI MOVIE and Travis Rice releases an 18min ACTION CUT of THE FOURTH PHASE.

All up we have about an hour’s viewing of awesome snowboarding for you below. Maybe kick back and watch some of these to break up your STRANGER THINGS binge watching (no doubt about to kick off your weekend)!

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Vans Presents First Layer Russia – Teaser

This is our header video up above!

Spotlighting Russia. Benny Urban, Will Smith, Antti Jussila, Sami Luhtanen, Nikita Sekh, Cees Wille and Kevin Trammer explore Moscow, Novosibirsk, and Siberia for the Vans First Layer Russia video. Watch the teaser and see these premier street riders get lost in Russia’s cold and endless urban jungle.


Global Warning – Teaser

Snowboarding from the Labyrinth crew in Finland. Featuring: Heikki Pitkänen, Henna Ikola, Roope Rautiainen, Veikka Siivonen, Kilian Hänninen, Max Sene, Saska Halmes, Joona & Petrus Saikkonen and more!


Blood Brothers – Full Edit

Pre-warning – there is quite a bit of skateboarding to kick this one off. The brothers in this movie are all skateboard, snowboarding and punk rock. Their story of making the movie is as good as the eighteen and a half minute edit. Be sure to check out the ups and downs of  André and Jacques, and how making this movie brought them out of some dark times and back on track. Bravo guys!! Click HERE to read the story behind the video.


The Autumn Wind – Rome Snowboards – Teaser

Rome Snowboards gets a little arty with their THE AUTUMN WIND movie. Their synopsis reads more like Hemingway than a Snowboard movie but the trailer looks awesome and I dig the voiceover.

The leaves rattle nervously on their branches, knowing their fate is soon at hand. We awake to find the ground glistening with an otherworldly shine, frosted with the first sign of things to come.

Days grow shorter and shorter still as we wait patiently. Stepping outside our breath is illuminated, it won’t be long now. The Autumn wind howls and temperatures drop, a harbinger for the frozen landscapes we crave.



This is Marcus – Episode 3: Into the Quad (Ep 2 is above) – Edit

It’s a link again for Episode 3 following the Episode 2 video up above – the third ep is all about Marcus nailing the Quad – it is only available on the Red Bull Website and is amazing, as usual. All hail King Kleveland!


A Nitro story – 28 WINTERS – Official Trailer

There is more to winter than cold, short, dark days. There is a group of people who live for the winter and the opportunities it provides for having fun. Nitro is not your normal company, it´s a family and a collective on a mission to spread the joys of snowboarding to as many people as possible.

28 WINTERS captures the heritage, the team, and the current state of Nitro Snowboarding by showcasing the many different personalities within the family. Featuring Nitro Co-Founder Thomas Delago, Marcus Kleveland, Eero Ettala, Elias Elhardt, Austin Smith, Bryan Fox, Sam Taxwood, Jeremy Jones, Sven Thorgren, and the rest of the Nitro team.


Absinthe X LAAX MiniMovie 2017 – Full Mini Movie

Their explanation of this 3min full mini-movie is better than mine….

The Recipe: Take two cameramen – favourably the likes of Absinthe-Europe filmer David “Vlady” Vladyka and master lensman Lukas “Blume” Roesli – and send them to the hills to make some juice. The origin of the grapes is important here, so make sure to be in LAAX when performing this experiment. Squeeze the young blood from Max Buri and Severin Van Der Meer into this style-cocktail, and something pretty epic is bound to hit you in the back of the throat.

Throw some foreign talent like Forest Bailey into the mix and the concoction becomes even more colourful. Add the seasoned wisdom and flavour of local mountain goat Nicolas Mueller and let the master guide your senses into a playground of sensational taste. For good measure, make sure to drop subtle hints of Hitsch Haller in there, not just for that extra spice but also to round out your palette. Really make it sparkle and pop. Finally, pour in some sunshine and powder, shake ‘er up nice (or stir, if you so prefer), put that shit on ice and serve it chilled. Frilly straws and funky umbrellas optional. Et voila!


The Fourth Phase – Action Cut – Full Edit

Travis Rice cuts the famous THE FOURTH PHASE from a 90min feature film to an 18min action edit.

From the backcountry of Wyoming to the snowy Japanese Alps, the volcanoes of Russia, and a spectacularly remote area of Alaska. Witness 18 minutes of pure shredding from The Fourth Phase featuring Rice, Mark Landvik, Eric Jackson, Bryan Iguchi, Pat Moore, Mikkel Bang, Cam FitzPatrick, Shin Biyajima, Bode Merrill, Jeremy Jones, Victor de Le Rue, Ben Ferguson, and more.


What’s your fave from this week’s FRIFLIX? Did we miss anything that came out this week? If you see anything for FRIFLIX that you think needs a share send it on through or tag us on socials. #friflix

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