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This week we have six videos for your viewing pleasure. Torstein Horgmo in 4K is worth the viewing alone, a stunning video! Check out the latest season edit from mini shredder prodigy Valentino Guseli, Oli Gagnon has a cool edit and Carpool is a great full (12min) movie from the CA Squad. Overscan is an awesome movie just under 30mins and finally enjoy Dérive, a 7min movie from Signal Snowboards. All worth a viewing – you have just under an hour of viewing this week so get into it.


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Torstein Horgmo – Snowboarding epicness [4K] – the title video above

Sensational video I could watch on loop all day – stunning footage and the 4K looks amazeballs!!

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Valentino Guseli’s 2017 Season Edit

One of Snowboard.com’s fave Aussie shredders is 12yr old Valentino Guseli – we can’t get enough of this kid’s skills. For our full article on him check it out HERE.

Back in the blue and red kit is the double-flipping, corked out, Valentino Guseli. He’s just twelve years old at but he charges twice as hard as some of the guys out there. Check out his 2016-2017 season edit, filmed at Laax, Copper, The Launch, Superpark 21, Perisher, and Saas-Fee. Video by Wade Gardiner at Movement Productions.

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Oli Gagnon Edit 

I really know nothing on Oli Gagnon but I love his boarding style and he loves old snowboarding mags as per his insta.

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Another squad I am just finding out about – I enjoyed this movie. Anyone have any information on them? I can’t find anything!

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OVERSCAN from Oil Country

OVERSCAN – It can be an annoying setting on a shitty television, a fancy way to frame film or a quick way to see the current state of snowboarding in Alberta.

Shot all over Alberta and British Columbia last winter.


Andy James
Tanner Davidson
Dustin Craven
Darcy Keller
Tim Nelson
Manu Calvo
Tyler Lightfoot
Eric Corbin
Sean Marko
Mike Ruddy
Justin Brisson

Supported By:
Ride Snowboards, Rude Boys, Plenty Humanwear, Vans, Salomon, Niche, Electric, Country, Nitro, Dakine, Volcom, Industry, Vega

Filmed by:
Matt Bryson & Evan Lavallee

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Dérive Signal Movie

From Signal:

Here at Signal we are driven by the creativity in and around snowboarding. Period. As rippers of all sorts come up, the passion to ride, progress and document is always inspiring. We are beyond stoked and honored to share this film project by one of our favorite crews Wyld Instinct. These guys have unrelentless fire and vision to make the very best of every day on snow, all while having a hell of a time along the way.

Riders include Matt Robinson, Kyle Roles, Jake Rose, Demetri Bales, and Jake Aaronson. These guys also makes up a majority of the film crew Wyld Instinct. Look out for more coming from them later in the fall, and for many winters to come.

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