Be it bad weather, a broken binding or an over priced lift pass, it can be easy to forget that snowboarding is all about fun. Luckily, we can always count on a bunch of crazy riders to remind us of this universal truth. Fredrik Perry, creator of Benchpress, is one of them. This Norwegian snowboarder made a name for himself in 2010 with the Ducksjen movie: a mix of hammer tricks, crazy editing and unexpected music choices straight from Northern Europe. This week, even though it is not exactly video season, Perry and his friends have struck again.

Benchpress is a beautiful ode to those pieces of street furniture, edited in the typical Ducksjen way – goofy, fun, twisted and surprising.

Their new movie is called “benchpress”, but don’t expect to see serious riders getting in shape pumping some iron. These 30 minutes are all about Snowboarding benches in public squares!
Since the Think Thank videos reminded everybody in the industry that anything around can be the source of unlimited fun, benches have earned a well-respected place in most street-oriented videos. But no one went as far as dedicating a whole video to them!

Benchpress is a beautiful ode to those pieces of street furniture, edited in the typical Ducksjen way – read: goofy, fun, twisted and surprising. But what makes it so good is the skill level of the riders featured.

When creativity means something

The term “creativity” is coined everywhere in snowboarding these days, so much so that it doesn’t mean much… Until you see Max Warbington’s part. Never again will you be allowed to bitch about a snowpark not being good enough, once you have seen what this guy can do in a public garden.

At times, the video will even have you burst into laughter – trying not to smile, listening to Kurt Cobain yell while Jesse Burtner does one trick after the other could become the new “mannequin challenge”! There are also plenty of clips from snowboarding legends, including Torstein Horgmo, Scott Stevens, Jed Anderson and Halldor Helgason, as well as underground cult riders such as Gus Engle and Sean Genovese.

Mats Tambini
Mats Tambini relaxing at his local park

Fredrik Perry’s Benchpress is killing it

But let’s get back to Fredrik Perry again. Not only did he direct and “co-edit” the video with friend Kasper Häggström, but he did manage to pull a mesmerizing ending part. Some of you might remember him for his infamous slam on a rail, back in 2013. He actually left a bit of flesh on a rail. But the guy is back in good shape and he’s got insane board control. Only a twisted mind like his could come up with such things to do on a snowboard, let alone achieve them with such a laid-back style.

Long story short: despite the odds, Benchpress is an awesome video, definitely one to re-watch, and to get psyched on before going on a snowboarding mission.
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