Centered into the world, comes a series that takes the serious standard something, and flips it into a fun, shenanigan fueled shreddit. Jakob Kennedy of Phootstep Films found himself with the creative opportunity to make something from nothing. Having filmed with some of the best riders in the world, Jakob has had a few clips used in the previous Shredbots movie Shredtopia (at the massive hip feature they had built at Perisher). But filming with his brother Jesse is always where the heart is.

B2J Episode 1

B2J ep1, Jesse Kennedy - fs720 double grab, Credit: @boardworld @phootstepfilms
B2J ep1, Jesse Kennedy – fs720 double grab, Credit: @boardworld @phootstepfilms

Introduces you to the main protagonists, Billy Hayman & Jesse Kennedy ft. young gun Angus Waddington.
Finding that sweet spot:

B2J Episode 2

B2J, Billy Hayman grabbing sun, Credit: @boardworld @phootstepfilms
B2J, Billy Hayman grabbing sun, Credit: @boardworld @phootstepfilms

The outback can be a dangerous place. Billy is always prepared for it in the best way, a hard earned thirst and trusty Husqvarna at the hip. Jesse unfortunately forgot his pen knife & had to sit this one out. Classic stitch up, little did he know the pow was about to show up!!! Billy kept going on a mission and killed it with a solid ep of pow and park along with cameos from Andy James, Joel Cantle and Stale Sandbech.
Shut it down:

B2J Episode 3

Jesse Kennedy in Jukebox?, Credit: @boardworld @phootstepfilms
Jesse Kennedy in Siberia…no Jukebox?, Credit: @boardworld @phootstepfilms

Australia wasn’t quite “Australia” the last few months of the season. We saw record breaking snowfalls that saw so many spots open up that wouldn’t normally be there. Determined after 6 weeks of hibernating, Jesse makes his way to Siberia in search of Billy in the woods. Reunited finally, its go time!
In the face ft. Tommy Steinbacher:

After a long season of up and downs, B2J concludes for the season.

A lot of time and energy was spent on creating something like this. Behind the scenes by the end of the season you can really see how tired everyone is, not just physically but mentally. It’s not all fun and games out there; Battling injuries, gnarly weather systems and creatively things just not quite coming together at times. Despite all these things, the boys came out the other end with something to be legit proud of. Time will tell when the next adventure will be, but for now enjoy the down time lads.

p.s Jesse required surgery on his wrist shortly after filming ep 3. Heal up homie!

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