Guys in Jeans β€œGaijin” is Brown Cinema’s road trip movie that takes us to some epic and unique locations across the land of the rising sun. Gaijin means foreigner in the local tongue. This crew are “BAKA” Gaijin, a derogatory term used for “stupid foreigners”, for their straight up disregard of personal well being and the laws of physics.

BAKA Gaijin = Nothing is safe

The riding here is imaginative, inspiring and dirty. The lethal combination of shameless, reckless abandon and a little insider knowledge of Hokkaido leads to some awesome pow lines and urban assaults. Nothing is safe… they see a feature and set their phasers to “kill”. Every powder stash, pillow line and secret spot is totally destroyed. It’s even got a groovy experimental jazz and punk rock soundtrack – bung!

You’ll be booking a one way ticket to Japan for some of this action.

Featuring Keegan Valaika, Harrison Gordon, Scott Blum, Teddy Koo, Masato Toda. Kohei Kudo, Kazu Kokubo, Haku Suzuki, Jacob Krugmire, Caitlyn, and Alex Sherman of the Adidas and Gnarly teams.