To not call him a pioneer of the sport would be a crime. Haakonsen was the God Father of freestyle snowboarding as we know it today. Between ’91 and ’94 he dominated the world of competitive snowboarding with a timeless style and creative spirit. Indeed, Haakonsen invented many of the tricks we regard as the basic classics of today.

Terje Haakonsen was killing it, a Household Name…

The Haakonsen Faktor was the follow up to his first headlining feature with Volcom – Subjekt Haakonsen. He had been off the competition circuit for years, focusing his time on freeriding and filming for the now classic “Totally Bored” series. This film was released in Terje’s prime, his influence on global snowboarding was at its peak. He was killing it, a household name. I was ten, had never even snowboarded and I still wanted to be like Terje. The girls at my school had pictures of him on their books. He was changing the face of snowboarding.

“On a big mountain, the mountain decides what you’re going to get. You can always pick your own line, though . . . You’re turning the steering wheel of the carousel.”Terje Haakonsen

The movie features a young Shaun White and highlights the amazing foundation of skill on which he has carved his career. Also featured are the snowboarding legends Craig Kelly in his freeriding days and the ever lasting Bryan Iguchi as a young hungry shredder tearing it up.

Sit back and enjoy a 20 minute history lesson in style and ease from the best…
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