Spring in Australia got pumping at Perisher this year with a bunch of skilled snowboarders descending to ride the park. Among them was the Norwegian Snowboard Team, a combined talent pool that is off the charts. This snowboard team is expected to be part of the strongest medal hauling country at the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang.

The gents in the Norwegian Team include Alek Oestreng, Stale Sandbech, Markus Olimstad, Torgeir Bergrem, Emil Andrew Ulsletten, Mons Roisland, and their current biggest draw card Marcus Kleveland. I can only currently locate one lady boarder, the very talented, Silje Norendal, who is one of the female boarders who is seen as a threat to Jamie Anderson for medals.

Sports Data firm Gracenote predicted Norway to return to the top of the medals table for the first time in 16 years at the 2018 Winter Olympics, while host country South Korea is set to tie its record gold medal haul with six.


The data analysis firm forecast Norway to win 15 golds and 40 medals in total, which would both be record tallies.


Norwegian Snowboarders Marcus Kleveland image
Marcus Kleveland and some guy with a tongue


Norwegian Snowboard Team Olympics Selection Process

Norwegian selection and qualification process is about efficiency and no bullshit. Team Norway simply select the riders based on who is riding the best at the time and who they believe will have the best chance of taking home a medal. The end.

They are allowed four event spots for the men with slopestyle and big air viewed as one team, so they will definitely have four men competing in that event. As of right now, Silje Norendal is a definite for the women’s side of the team, but it remains to be seen if more women will make the Olympics.

Norwegian Snowboarders Silje Norendal image
Silje Norendal


Medal Winning Odds are in the Favour Of……

The lovely lady…

Silje Norendal – Silje Norendal is a top five slopestyle competitor for sure. In fact, she’s one of the greats in female competitive snowboarding, and one of the only women on earth who can claim that they’ve beaten Jamie Anderson at a world-class slopestyle event. Her biggest challenge however is Hailey Langland (USA) who is current odds on favourite to take out the big air.

The gents…

Ståle Sandbech – fantastic chance in the slopestyle and big air  Sadnbech is a household name in Norway and one of their greatest and most decorated athletes of all time.

Marcus Kleveland – odds on equal favourite with Mark McMorris (Canada) to take home gold in both slopestyle and big air. This kid is on fire. He recently won the NZ Winter Games Slopestyle and also the Winter X Games again slopestyle. He is also the youngest person to ever pull off a quad cork and videos of him are a regular on our Insta wall because his style is the next level.

Mons Roisland – another chance in slopestyle and big air. He is Norway’s sleeper, their dark horse. A laid back boarder with skills galore who has high possibility of a medal.

Aleksander Østreng – will he compete? if he does his skills are epic and a contender for both slopestyle and big air. His video appearances, talent and perfectionism in tricks is a huge bonus and much loved in the Snowboard.com office but will he stay on the movie circuit or concentrate his skills for the Olypmics

Fridtjof Tischendorf – The Fridge is hugely popular, completely cray and insanely talented, if he qualifies he has nothing to lose and won’t be afraid to hold back. He could possibly surprise everyone in the slopestyle event.

If we’ve missed someone important let us know – happy to correct the article if need be!!



You can stalk the Norwegian Snowboard Team at their Instagram account HERE.

While I’m an Australian my current favourite boarder is Marcus Kleveland so I will quietly be rooting for the Norwegian team in Slopestyle and Big Air!!