After honing their skills in Netherlands’ indoor ski resorts, the guys from Postland Theory have now gone on a mission to conquer the best street spots on the planet. Along the way, their level has only gotten better and better. This has never been more evident then in the trailer of Loose, their upcoming movie.


From hungry kids to full-blown street snowboarders


There was a time when the guys from Postland Theory did not even go by that name. Their video edits were signed “Without boundaries”. They featured ski tricks, which was something European crews such as Audience 33 did at the time. From indoor park edits for Technine to summer shredding in Les Deux Alpes, it was already obvious back in 2008 that they were hungry for snow  (their Vimeo page is a real time capsule). If we indulge in this travel back in time, it’s because Postland Theory makes a direct reference to it in an emotional teaser to Loose. Cees Wille, one of the leaders of the pack, eventually lands a trick in the street, which he first landed in a park 9 years ago… Now, that’s what’s called commitment.

In the meantime, the Dutch boarder has gone from a kind of Chris Bradshaw-inspired young dude to a Mac DeMarco lookalike, but he did not lose an ounce of motivation and style on the rail. As for the rest of the crew, it has expanded to a full roster of rail killers. Think of guys such as Benny Urban, who now rides for Ashbury and Nitro. He comes from Hamburg, where snow is not a widespread resource, but has somehow also flourished as a rail killer.

The Fourth Wall travels the world in search of snow

Last year’s delivery, The Fourth Wall, is half traditional snowboard movie, full of hammer tricks and crazy spots, and half travel documentary. The snow action is interspersed by memories of the trips, from hiding from angry Russians with Anton Borodachev to breath-taking shots in Japan. It’s a great rendition of what it’s like to travel the world in search of snow. Once more, Tim Schiphorst has done some great work. He provides the community with a movie that delves deeper into what it’s like to snowboard.

But before seeing some new action from Postland Theory, we’ll have to wait another few months. Loose is not due to drop till this fall. We hope that, just like they did for their previous releases, they will launch a massive tour to support it!

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