What were you doing at age 12? This writer was stressing out about going to high school next year, was angry I couldn’t beat Donkey Kong and working out how to get my next badge at Scouts. Twelve year old Valentino Guseli, on the other hand, is soaring like an eagle above the mountains of the world and dominating like a seasoned pro, slaying everything boarding throws at him.

His success and exposure has seen him interviewed in Snowboarder Magazine, ANZ Snowboarding and Transfer Snowboarding and his awards listed below are the stuff of sporting elite. And again I repeat HE IS 12!

Valentino Guseli Snowboarder Profile image
Valentino Guseli Snowboarder Profile – Image Credit Vernon Deck

If you’ve been to Perisher this winter there’s a good chance that you’ve seen Valentino Guseli crushing it in the park. Valentino has been progressing at an astounding rate. Wade Gardiner from Movement Productions chased Valentino around for a week at Perisher, and it’s not hard to see why Valentino is the future of Australian snowboarding.

Guseli was one of the youngest riders at Superpark 21 at Mammoth Mountain, but he didn’t ride like it.

To make sure Valentino had a good week, the SNOWBOARDER’ staff made him part of the Instagram contest #Superseekers and had riders spray him every chance they could all week.

“Valentino is quite literally the future of snowboarding, and he is more talented than any other kid that I’ve seen at his age,” said T-Bird – Snowboarder Mag, 2016

Valentino Guseli Snowboarding image
Valentino Guseli Snowboarding – Image Credit to Wade Gardiner

Being an elite athlete of course you can stalk him on social media – you will find him on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM but his parents manage his accounts because he is too young to use social media…but he can rip some epic air.

RESULTS: (may exclude some 2017 awards)

Australian Junior Series

2014, 2015, 2016 – overall age champion

NZ Nationals

2014, 2015 – overall age champion

Australians Nationals

2014, 2015, 2016 – champion

USA Nationals

2015, 2016, 2017- overall age champion

Gold medals Slopestyle and Pipe each year

And most racing disciplines

The Launch 2016

Best supergrom

Australia was solely represented at the Winter Olympics by Zeke Steggall when snowboarding made its debut at Nagano 1998. At Torino 2006, Australia greatly increased its snowboard contingent, taking nine athletes. We won our first Winter Olympic Snowboard Gold in 2010 at Vancouver – BOOM, thanks Torah Bright. In 2018 we have our strongest contingent with eleven athletes heading to PyeongChang to contend with the world’s best. In 2022 Guseli will still only be 17yrs old and in peak condition to bring home the gold. Judging by what we’re seeing, he is more than capable of becoming one of the greats.

Valentino Guseli Snowboarder Profile image
Valentino Guseli Snowboarder Profile – Image Credit Vernon Deck

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