Since French snowboard video production team Ero One stopped, the French snowboard scene was hitting a low point. Sure, French reapers like Arthur Longo, the Delerue brothers, Victor Daviet or Thomas Delfino have made their marks on European and international videos alike, but something was missing on the local side. That’s where the Workers get in the picture. Meet France’s most motivated street aficionados and remember their names, we’re pretty sure you’ll hear more and more about them in European media in the years to come.



Workers started as a video project, but it was soon obvious that, behind the movie, a whole crew had taken form. And this crew is a two-headed beast, with a body composed of plenty street killers.

When French pro-snowboarder Anto Brotto met rider and cameraman Lionel Simon in 2014, the two got on pretty well. What’s more, they soon realised they shared common taste in video editing and inspiration. That’s how, back in 2015 they decided to start the Workers project, with another fellow: young rider Pierrot Scafidi. Soon, the video team morphed into a solid crew. They cut their teeth with edits for French website Bangingbees before starting on a full-length movie, out last December. So, you might wonder, what and who will you see in this video, and in what way is it different from the Internet’s daily delivery?

“Without pretention, we want to make a video that looks like what Think Thank does – with creativity, dynamic editing and people having fun. But that does not mean that there’ll only be small spots and people goofing around”, said Worker in chief Anto Brotto last year.

From burgers to street rails

After the movie came out, the Worker crew did reach its aim of reinvigorating the French scene. Their video has been shared by such staple medias as, and they have definitely put some spots on the map. With riders such as Louis Labertrande or Lucas Poullet, Workers really are a breath of fresh air. Those young reapers can count on Anto Brotto and Lionel Simon’s knowledge on how to handle a street session right, and how to get the best of it on film. But snowboarding’s not the only thing they have in mind. More than sponsors like Ride Snowboards and 686, some members of the crew also share a common employer: burger restaurant The Roster! Wich makes for some pretty cool events.


Now, the Workers guys are no “one hit wonders” and they’ve dropped some legit edits, from skateboarding in Toulouse to shredding in Avoriaz. So, if you go ride in France next winter, keep an eye open for these guys. Chances are they’ll be around, dropping some bangers on some remote corner of the resort or killing it in the park.
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