Ex Pro snowboarder Mike Basich is living a life that most of us would consider being heaven. His tiny home is life goals for me and anyone else that is continually being crushed by the “rat race.”

After pioneering early competitive riding and earning money and fame along the way, Mike found himself uninterested in capitalism and the status quo. He sold his home, his car and everything he owned, and built himself a house on the top of a mountain in Soda Springs, California, away from the hustle and bustle of life. I believe he started building about 7yrs ago and finished 2yrs ago but you still gotta love this tiny snowy oasis.


Mike Basich
Mike Basich’s Tiny Home – Pic From Mike Basic


Mike Basich built the ultimate off-the-grid tiny house he called Area 241. The house, nestled on 20 acres of untouched land near Truckee, California, was featured on the show Going Off-Grid and appropriately named “The Tiny Shred House.” It took 5-years and several tons of stone for Basich to create his tiny house. The 20-acre property also has a chair lift, built by Basich and friends, making the zone the ultimate home boarding backyard.

This pro snowboarder’s 228 sq. ft. the tiny cabin is about 3 miles (4.82km) away from the nearest road so you have to get to the cabin using a snowmobile.


Mike Basich
Mike Basich and His Husky


Mike still loves to snowboard and now embraces photography and uses camera drones (and more) to record himself while snowboarding.

His electricity comes from solar panels, his heat from firewood, and water from melted snow, a creek and water tanks. It has a hot tub but no toilet and this confuses me – how does he poop? There is no mention of a poop place – surely a hole in the ground or “outhouse” of sorts is nearby? I would definitely want a Japanese heated toilet living out there.

It’s safe to say he’s off the grid. He also has a tiny house on wheels he uses to travel around the country with his dog, snowmobile, cameras, and boards.


Check out Mike’s tiny road home he tours around in HERE.

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