The beginning of the end starts this way! In the movies it started with Cyberdyne Industries laying the foundations for Skynet to take over the world. In reality it could be Roam Robotics, just listen to their name for crying out loud! Terminator nightmares aside, Roam Robotics now has fully operational prototypes of their Roam Ski Exoskeleton. A device that is robotic shock absorbers for your knees. Something I desperately needed years ago!

When I was a kid I skied hard, and thanks to moguls I decimated my knees. I sometimes wear a brace if I am driving in peak-hour now because of the amount of times I have to push in the clutch. About 15 years ago I stopped hitting the mountains for about 5 years. Less than happy with myself because doctors wanted two knee reconstructions.

I ended up lucky, two years of weekly Pilates mostly healed and strengthened my knees and now the slopes are possible again!! Just older-man style, no more moguls and hitting the kickers is reserved for people half my age or following a good liquid lunch in the mountain bar.

Roam Ski Exoskeleton
Prototypes being tested with Skis and Snowboards – ROAM Robotics


The Roam Ski Exoskeleton from Roam Robotics promises extra endurance on the slopes.

The prototype exoskeleton system consists of a pair of leg braces and a connected backpack that provides the power and processing. The braces provide extra support to the quads and knees, automatically adjusting the torque at the knee as necessary.

A combination of built-in sensors and software adjust the system’s fabric and air actuators, providing additional support to the quadriceps. That all happens automatically, although the amount of assistance offered by the system can be manually controlled via a companion app.

Roam Ski App UI
The Exoskeleton can also be controlled via an Android/iPhone App – ROAM Robotics

According to Roam, the exoskeleton can be used by both skiers and snowboarders, and could benefit professional skiers as well as casual and elderly enthusiasts who simply want more time on the slopes.

Roam Ski Exoskeleton
The Exoskeleton is powered by a control unit stored in the riders backpack – ROAM Robotics

It’s essentially like intelligent shock absorbers for your legs.-ROAM Robotics-

Roam Ski Exoskeleton
The system uses air filled actuators at the knees – ROAM Robotics

First edition models for the Roam Ski Exoskeleton are all taken and a waiting list has commenced in the U.S. The cost is looking close to $2500USD, basically the cost of a day’s lift ticket and lunch on the mountain. It doesn’t appear to be that expensive to a) allow people like me to shred a little harder and longer and b) getting bragging rights to claim you are now a cyborg!

We’re building a device to help you push your barriers.-ROAM Robotics-

For more information from Roam Robotics and to join the waitlist head to their website HERE.


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