We get quite a few video submission on socials with people suggesting we post their stuff. It is not often the video we watch is something that highly impresses. We are grateful for all submissions but when you watches dozens and dozens of snowboarding movies, edits, and clips every week (tough job I know) it is the unique or skilled productions that stand out. And Tom Frampton’s video, SPLITBOARDING IN CRESTED BUTTE definitely stood out.

Besides some light fluctuations from the drones the footage is brilliant. I quite liked the fastest escape I have seen from an avalanche and Tom’s dog Mocha is so cute.

For those curious – the fantastic song is “From the pasture to the future” by The Waybacks. Check out their site and music HERE.


My name’s Tom Frampton. I grew up in New York primarily riding terrain parks. I moved to Crested Butte with no knowledge of the area or splitboarding in general. As I began to meet more like-minded people they began pointing out mountains they were riding in the back country and I was blown away. It had never even crossed my mind to get on stuff like that because, well, it didn’t exist back east. We had a killer May one year and a buddy invited me to go out to Summit County and get on a few big lines (Shit for Brains, Silver Couloir, The Citadel) and I was hooked after that. The terrain park is the last place you’ll find me now.



Mocha is my pup, we were on a trip to the Sierras in his scene in the car. I was with a buddy Tyler chatting about the Pinner Couloir in the Sierras at the time of that clip, while my buddy Eric was filming. I typically ride with those guys and two other buddies Elias and Reggie, Elias can be seen booting with me at the end of the video.

Eric is the videographer and always crushes for us. We’re all from the Crested Butte area and do most of our riding there, but take any chance to travel elsewhere whenever possible. The very first clip was on a line called El Nacho in Queen Basin. That was a three day camping trip for us. It was in a zone that was prohibited to travel any other way besides on foot, ended up with a perfect weather window and as you can see some epic snow.

We love snowboarding more than a lot of things in life.

The longer line in snowy conditions was in the Ruby Range on Mt. Owen, we kind of stumbled upon the line (taking my time a little more) and again were rewarded with some blower conditions. The last line with the wind slab is on Mt. Axtel in a zone called the Green Lake Chutes.


Mineral Point image
Mineral Point Drone Shot
Mt Owen Drone Shot image
Mt Owen Drone Shot


All I can say, to speak for all of us, is that we love snowboarding more than a lot of things in life. Every experience has its own ups and downs and is always different. I think that’s what makes it so special, it’s literally never the same thing. Even if it’s the same line it’s never the same experience.

Who are your sponsors?

We don’t have any sponsors, but love to rep Cold Smoke Splitboards which is a small company out of Gunnison, owned by a good friend, Kyle Jones. The Cold Smoke Voodoo actually won Backcountry Magazine editor’s choice two years straight. Crushes the uphill just as well as the downhill, so check them out if you have a chance. Crested Butte is all time if you’re an avid splitboarder. The access is a breeze and terrain is killer. This particular edit was filmed between March and April 2017.