TransWorld SNOW presents the trailer for their seventh full length movie, Arcadia. Releasing 10.10.17, Arcadia documents snowboarders in a perpetual pursuit of paradise. Arcadia is an image or idea of life in a place believed to be perfect. It is a promised land. It is untouched turns, lap after lap. A polished handrail with no cops. A bottomless cliff with a pristine landing.

The most anticipated snowboarding movie of 2017

Follow their Arcadia page HERE as each week they release behind the scenes episodes, interviews, and more, featuring the riders who comprise this year’s lineup, all leading up to the full movie release. Two of the clips are below.

Arcadia Snowboarding Movie Image

Arcadia is directed by Theo Muse

Theo Muse is the Transworld Snow/boarding director. His directing is off the charts – logisitcs alone would be enough for us to say “f**k that.” But he embraces it and has become legend. His films Origins and Insights are visually captivating with radical snowboarding and visuals that at times border on spiritual. And Arcadia looks like he has upped the ante again.

Check out his article on Making a Snowboard Movie in 10 Steps. It offers great insight and inspiration!

Halldór Helgason, Alek Oestreng, BYND X MDLS, Victor Daviet, Jesse Paul,
The Manboys, Jordan Small, Victor De Le Rue and Red Gerard.

You think you’re going to die, but I might have the best time of my life

Here is some Arcadia cutting room floor clips of Alek Oestreng – still enough to have their own movie – Oestreng is a master. Check out his insta HERE.

And our favourite clip from the series released so far goes to Victor Daviet with his boarding on the Israeli-Syrian border. It just looks magical – and when the resort is closed but the military help you up the mountain it gets extra cred. For more on Daviet check out his own website HERE.

The movie is available for pre-order from HERE and if you love it as much as we do you may want to pre-order the Limited Edition 130+ Page Arcadia Photo Book & DVD Set. NEED!!!!

Arcadia Snowboarding Movie Hero Book Image

Full film is also available 10.10.17 on iTunes.