Directed by Tanner Pendleton, Landline is Vans’ first ever full length global snowboarding film. Taking over 2 years to curate, the filming took the team to iconic snowboarding locations across Canada, Russia and Bulgaria.

It was shot primarily on Kodak 16mm film which gives it a raw, home movie energy that frames the individual and eclectic personalities of the Vans team perfectly.

“Snowboarding films have always provided me with endless amounts of inspiration. I want this film to reach out to kids out there the same way these films reached me when I was young. This collaborative vision is a true expression of some of the most real and dedicated people in snowboarding.”Tanner Pendleton

With a mixed crew of seasoned pros, rising stars, and bona fide pioneers of the sport, the film sets out to capture the spirit and culture of modern snowboarding. The Vans Snow Team includes – Jake Kuzyk, Sam Taxwood, Cole Navin, Arthur Longo, Pat Moore, Darrell Mathes, Blake Paul, Hana Beaman and Brian Iguchi, plus more.

Landline will be dropping in Jan 2018

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