Featuring Billy Hayman, Jesse Kennedy and Angus Waddington

Odd Folks alumni Billy Hayman and Jesse Kennedy have been best buds since early childhood. Bound by snowboarding their friendship grew as they competed through the age groups of the grom circuit. Solidified over the years through endless winters, this web series by Jesse’s bro Jakob will show the strength of their friendship firstly, and then of course their sick style on a board.

Paying homage to their roots this first installment of B2J is filmed in Perisher Front Valley Park. Joining them from the old stomping grounds is another old friend and pro boarder Angus Waddington.

Citing injury and the GFC as the the factors that have held them back from this fateful union of snowboarding devoted friends. We’re glad they finally worked their shit out.

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Billy Hayman – @billy_hayman
Jesse Kennedy – @jessekennedy_
Angus Waddington – @anguswaddo

Film/Edit: Jakob Kennedy // Phootstep Films

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