Last seasons hit web series MiniShredits is back! And smaller than ever. The idea behind MiniShredits is to get world class freestyle pros to battle it out through fun “mini” challenges, with zero pressure.

Host Henry Jackson gets some of the biggest talents in snowboarding today to take time out from their busy schedules of hitting pro lines. Why? So they can ride the smallest features they can find in the most radical way humanly possible.

Red Bull Minishredits S1
Red Bull Minishredits S1

The B.E.N.C.H. Press Challenge | Mini Shredits S2E1

In the first episode of the new series two hot young Olympic hopefuls from the U.S. are hitting a bench that’s barely big enough to sit on, let alone slide down.

Judd Henkes is a little dude with some seriously big skills. Last year he qualified for the US Open Halfpipe final at the age of 14. Now he is training with the American Screaming Eagles Olympic squad.

Grant Giller is a Colorado local known for crushing rails, park and backcountry with equal abandon. But going big wont help him here!!

How will the boys fare when the name of the game is going small? Check out Judd Henkes and Grant Giller battle it out on the world’s smallest(maybe?) rail…

Spin-To-Win Rail Battle | Mini Shredits S2E2

This episode has Henry taking Jamie “dickhead” Nicholls and Maxi Preissinger for a spin. The idea is to spin to win their way to Minishred glory.

There will be three rail features with the combined score of of each rail tallied. The rider with the most rotation from the start of the rail line to the finish taking home the prize of swivel madness champion(or knobhead as it were). The Loser…is a loser.

2 Girls, 2 Snowboards, One Challenge – Who Will Win? | MiniShredits S2 E3

The third episode sees two of the raddest girls in snowboarding fighting it out in the funniest way possible. The Minishredits Olympics.

Representing Slovakia, up and coming Big Air and Slopestyle superstar Klaudia Medlova.

Representing Japan, 3-time Olympian Boardercross turned Slopestyle rider Yuka Fujimori.

Klaudia has her work cut out for her as Yuka seems to take the challenges in her stride. Highest ollie, check. Longest carve, too easy. Butter the muffin? You’ll have to check it yourself…

How many skiers can you spray while snowboarding? | MiniShredits S2E4 Seppe Smits vs Matt McCormick

Veteran Vs Rookie in a top to bottom piste madness challenge. It’s a slopestyle contest with a difference. No kickers or rails here, just side hits and soft powdery snow for spaying.

Seppe Smits and Matt McCormick will score points from one run only. Points are tallied by getting in as many flips in as they can and by spraying innocent skiers (always fun). Bonus points for face shots on stationary skiers, GO!

Is This The World’s Smallest Big Air Contest? | MiniShredits S2E5

The smallest Minishredit in the series so far, but these super competitive boys want to win big!

In this challenge they take the Air and Style concept and shrink it down, fun sized. The idea is to crank down the rotations, uncork the flips and take the attitude out of the amplitude. This is about getting creative in the name of snowboarding shenanigans.

A traditional Big Air format of three runs is adopted. First run is a technical trick, second is a style trick and the third, and most fun is the riders choice run.

Representing from all corners of the globe are Lyon Farrell of Hawaii, Matty Cox from Australia and snowboardings youngest superstar, Marcus Kleveland of Norway. There can be only one winner, and that leaves two losers. (Spoiler alert: the Aussie wins, of course!)

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